About Blue Whale I

About Our Company

Blue Whale I’s sponsor is affiliated with Mubadala Capital, the asset management subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company PJSC (“Mubadala”), a leading global sovereign investor headquartered in Abu Dhabi with more than $243 billion of assets under management.

Mubadala Capital invests across a range of asset classes including private equity, public equity, and venture capital. Each business employs a fundamentals-driven investment strategy, prioritizing capital preservation and long-term value creation.

We target sectors where we are a differentiated and value-added investor able to leverage both the Mubadala network and the relationships embedded within the investment teams to source proprietary investment opportunities on a global basis. Mubadala Capital’s investment philosophy is rooted in the following principles:

  • Focus on preserving capital and protecting downside: Mubadala Capital seeks to invest in strong and resilient business opportunities with a significant margin of safety imbedded in each opportunity. Mubadala Capital is focused on preservation of capital and finding opportunities with asymmetric risk/reward profiles that combine high upside potential with strong downside protection.
  • Partnership-oriented mentality: Mubadala Capital has a long history of forging partnerships with management teams and like-minded investors globally. Mubadala Capital’s partnership oriented investment approach typically resonates well with management teams who want the flexibility to operate their businesses whilst having a strong shareholder to support them over the long term.
  • Fundamental-driven analysis: Mubadala Capital’s investment process is based on a deep and thorough due diligence analysis. Its due diligence process typically entails management meetings, market studies, and the use of a wide variety of third-party resources to turn its investment intuition into investment conviction. Mubadala Capital’s goal is to be an expert on the businesses in which they invest.
  • Mubadala Capital backs market leaders: Mubadala Capital is focused on finding market leaders with world-class management teams, deep competitive moats, large addressable markets and attractive unit economics. Mubadala Capital undertakes significant analysis to understand the competitive landscape globally for the companies it invests in, and seeks to invest in businesses that are superior both on an absolute and relative basis.
  • Long-term investment horizon: Mubadala Capital takes a long-term approach to investing and has a history of owning businesses over long periods of time. While market multiples can change over time, Mubadala Capital believes that high quality businesses with strong returns on capital will prove to be valuable and scarce over time.
Mubadala Capital’s San Francisco Office